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The Albert Blood Collection

Below is a selection of photos taken by Albert (Bert) Blood from approximately 1916 to the early 20s of the Blood family’s “Broughton Farm” and other Lantzville locations, events and people.

Albert used a Kodak “autographic”bellows camera that used 116 film. The camera was introduced in 1914 and used extensively in the WW1 era.

Broughton Farm was located on both sides of Bloods Creek and Dickinson Rd between what is now Myron Rd and a line approximately 1,000 ft east of the creek. The farm buildings were located near the beach east of modern Myron Rd which was where the property line between the Blood’s farm and the Lantzville Mine workings was located. The farm looks quite bucolic in Bert’s photos but in some, the mine buildings and wharf can be seen. Bert, his sister Stella and their brother Doug all worked on the farm and both brothers also worked at the coalmine. Bert’s photo album is still in the possession of descendants living on part of the old property.

Brian Blood, Lantzville Historical Society

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