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Lantzville Historical Society was incorporated on December 10th, 1982. The society grew out of a project initiated by Armand Caillet to locate past school photos. Although Lantzville had had a school since 1917, the schools collection of call photos only went back to 1970. A quick look at the magnitude of this project made it apparent that Lantzville needed a historical society. The incorporation documents were signed by Jennifer Pierce, Susan Crayston, Norma Paradis, Armand Caillet, and Lynn Reeve.

We are a group of residents who are dedicated to the preservation of Lantzville's history.

On June 23rd 1983 The Canada Revenue Agency granted the society charity status enabling donations to the society to be tax deductible. Since incorporation, we have completed a number of projects. The first, of course, was the collection of school photos. Several hundred of them were collected over several years. A book on Lantzville’s history was also an early project, one that took 25 years to be completed and published.


Another major undertaking of the society has been collecting and storing photos and other documents, which provide a factual basis for the stories told by old timers in the community.  We continue to interview and record the stories of Lantzville residents with memories of the community’s past. This research and collecting is the basis for displays, articles, and the first volume of our local history: Lantzville, The First Hundred Years.


We hosted a school reunion in 1992. It was well attended by former students of Grants Mine, Lantzville, and Seaview elementary schools. Important oral history, as well as a few documents, were obtained from the attendees.


A project spearheaded by Armand Caillet was the creation of a mine monument, consisting of historical plaques attached to a large rock at the foot of Jack’s Rd., the site of the Lantzville Mine.

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